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Tchernobog v0.1.0 Test

Test version of Tchernobog v0.1.0 has been added to the download section in which many bugs have been fixed. You can find the changelog for version 0.1.0 below.

Tchernobog version 0.1.0
  • Fixed bug that caused weapon to disapear
  • Fixed bug that proevent secondary weaponset from being affected by repair all and recharge all npc services
  • Fixed crash related to golem or other minion death
  • Fixed game freeze that could occur on multiple reasons
  • Fixed bug that caused player to apear at top of the map when loading level
  • Fixed potential combat related crash
  • Fixed spell visual effects disapearing too early
  • Fixed monster animation desynchronization
  • Fixed monster AI to be act better on higher resolutions
  • Fixed bug that prevented to correctly consume spell charges and scrolls
  • Fixed bug that prevented affixes on random unique monsters
  • Fixed spell level glitch related to shirnes
  • Fixed whrilwind skill bugs
  • Fixed player and trade stash sizes and crash
  • Fixed GUI message box glitch while using NPC services
  • Fixed functional key skill bind crash
  • Fixed elixirs duration displayed in tooltip
  • Fixed grammar in several item names
  • Fixed long sword and claymore order problems
  • Fixed magic and cold damage bonuses from set items
  • Fixed errors related to random unique monster names and AI
  • Fixed bug that caused revived monsters revived by necromancers to be hostile towards player
  • Fixed bug that caused killed revived monsters to remain on minimap
  • Fixed diabolic shrine glitches that could spawn monster with undefined behaviour
  • Fixed bug that caused rogue's multiple shot arrows to be placed too close to each other
  • Fixed the dark lord death animation issues
  • Fixed traps to properly effect players and monsters
  • Fixed Thaumaturgic shrine to not respawn objects other then chests
  • Fixed lightning damage per character level bonus on unique items
  • Fixed wrong gold stack icon being selected while picking up pile
  • Fixed bug related to billing for repair, recharge and identify shop operations
  • Fixed statistic calculations for champion monsters
  • Fixed Assassins Narcosis skill to not reset The Dark Lord and similary scripted monsters
  • Fixed object mouse on hover selection range in town
  • Fixed bug that allowed The skeleton king to use corpse explosion on normal difficulty
  • Fixed bug that caused visited parts of map to disapear after reentering zone
  • Fixed bug that caused warrior, rogue and assassin skill to be free
  • Fixed glitch that caused player using melee and ranged skills to spam "OOM" sound
  • Fixed bug that blocked hot keyed skill swap while holding mouse button
  • Fixed map events desynchronization
  • Fixed bug that caused summoned monsters to be killed by some of the special monsters
  • Improved bonuses of barbarian, warrior and assassin classes from strength and dexterity attributes
  • Barbarian physical strength and endurance are now greatly increased at cost of being unable to use spells that consume mana
  • Warrior's charge is now level 24 skill
  • Warrior's shield wall is now level 32 skill
  • Necromancer's blood ritual is now level 16 skill and it's bonuses has been toned down
  • Necromancer's corpse explosion is now level 24 skill
  • Necromancer's revive is now level 32 skill
  • Adjusted necromancer minions balance
  • Golem, Zombie and Skeleton summons will now start with better resistances
  • Monster repulse effects from enchancements now have short cooldown
  • Players will now enter town with full health and mana
  • Removed feature that allowed to cast repair, recharge and identify spells when clicking inside inventory
  • Enabled Torment difficulty level
  • Summonable and minion monsters are now only selectable when appropriate spell is selected
  • Changed the flow of Butcher related quests
  • Adjusted offset of Hammer icon cursor used while repairing
  • Regular unique monsters may only have one affix
  • Restored function of CTRL key
  • Heal other cannot be used to heal caster player anymore
  • Guardian spell now properly benefits from it's level rather then firebolt
  • Modified resistances and immunities of monsters and bosses
  • Monster immunity should be easier to remove with target resistances reducing items [125% cap]
  • Reduced number of required materials for lower level recipies
  • Adjusted monster spawn locations in Terrors Domain level
  • The Dark Lord has been slightly toned down but gained mechanic that will disintegrate players using run away tactics
  • Character saves are now protected from file write system failures.

Work on Tchernobog has been resumed

Work on Tchernobog has been resumed, a new version including fixes should appear soon. There also will be a reboot of classic Diablo mod - The Awakening, more information here.

Spanish language pack

Spanish translation is available in download section. Mod was translated by Kajoona & Ldtime.

Translation was updated v2

Tchernobog Alpha v0.095 dev

Tchernobog version 0.095 is available in download section


  • Optimised game CPU usage

French language pack

French translation is available in download section. Mod was translated by Duke4ever.

EDIT: Language patch was updated.

New website address

Website has been moved to a new address


Portuguese language pack

Portuguese (Brazilian) translation is available in download section.  Mod was translated by Martim.

Tchernobog Alpha v0.093 dev

#Tchernobog version 0.093

  • Fixed interface related crashes near NPCs
  • Fixed bug that allowed character to reach negative mana levels
  • Fixed glitch with Sorceror and Necromancer spells to consume resources. Other classes skills should remain free.
  • Fixed bug that locked tile player was standing on while map unlocking event happened
  • Fixed Barbarian's skill Whrilwind to properly open doors

Tchernobog v0.092 dev

This version contains some hotfixes that allows smoother gameplay while quests are not yet implemented.

  • Fixed scenario that could corrupt save file
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes result in player being alive with 0% hp
  • Fixed crash that occured during salvaging
  • Fixed that prevented salvage to produce materials other then oils
  • Possessed champion monsters are now slightly weaker
  • Increased exp rewards for COOP
  • Fixed bug that prevented exceptional items from dropping on difficulties past normal
  • Fixed glitch that allowed to use consumable items from other packs then inventory and belt
  • Sorceror and Necromancer now both start with fixed amount of charges on staves

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