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Tchernobog v0.2.0f

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.0f has been released and added to the download section.

#Tchernobog 0.2.0f

  • All summons should display their stats accurately now - armor / level / resists
  • Golem updated stats formulas:
    • resists: 20 + spell level * 5 - caps at 75 (80 if spell level 15+)
    • armor: 50 + spell level * 10 + difficulty bonus
      • bonuses from difficulty:
      • nightmare: 90
      • hell: 160
      • torment: 300
    • golem level previously was always set to 1, now it's equal to caster's. Which means golem should get hit less and hit more often!
  • Decoy inherits player's resistances
  • Made spellpower boost golem / and necro zombies/skeletons - who knows, maybe some max mana max spellpower golem build is torment viable now :)
  • Spellpower boost for zombies/skeletons doesn't include bonuses from stats (with vit bonus to hp being an exception - it does benefit from spellpower)
  • Updated golem spell description - it doesn't benefit from magic, but from mana
  • Added description for warrior's forge mastery skill
  • Increase timeout duration (from 5 to 20 seconds) - hopefully this will prevent being dropped because of having a lot of items in stash
  • Adjusted assassin's magic casting speed to match fire and lightning spells (casting will be slower)
  • Fixed a bug where you had to restart game after respec for spellbooks magic requirements to be recalculated properly
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
    • Frality -> Frailty
    • Enchanted shrine: loosing -> losing
    • Help panel: When and item -> When an item
    • Unique: Eaglerhorn -> Eaglehorn, Goreshowel -> Goreshovel
    • Skills: Etheralize -> Etherealize
  • Display info about X hotkey for level 1 characters
  • Fixed a bug where scavengers awarded no xp if killed while they were eating a corpse
  • Items with durability decreased by hidden shrine can't have current durability greater than max anymore
  • Increased max shop sell item price - 25k base + 25k per difficulty
  • Added /roll command for rolling a 0-99 number
  • Allowed going to previous screen with ESC during character name selection or multiplayer IP screen

Tchernobog v0.2.0b - SpellBlade

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.0b containing new Character Class - SpellBlade has been released and added to the download section.

Note: Character wipe! Old ones won't work!

Tchernobog v0.2.0e was released

Tchernobog v0.1.6g

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.6g has been released and added to the download section.

#Tchernobog 0.1.6d - 0.1.6g

  • MOVED SAVES FROM C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Diablo 1 Tchernobog TO GAME FOLDER!
  • Fixed the "ZeroTier detected" message - now it should only appear when it detects ZeroTier, not ALWAYS like before.
  • Added support for "patch_rt.mpq" - you can add japanese voice pack or other memes.
  • Animated mana/heath orbs - settings for them in config.txt
    Orb animation created by https://www.instagram.com/nikolaypopovz/
  • Updated game libraries to the latest version.
  • Added a timestamp to crash memory dumps.
  • Allowed accessing player level/character class and info if item is identified or not to loot filters (replace your lootFilter/global.lua with new one).
  • Added "/respec" command - YES! Stat respec! But it's not free, resets ALL spells to level 0 too.
  • Assassin's damage bonus for having one hand free increases from 25% to 125%.
  • Golem doesn't open doors anymore.
  • Fully restore hp/mana after restarting in town.
  • Buffed hoarder's loot a bit
    • if books are the loot (25% chance), then there's 10% chance to drop a recipe instead of a book - applies to multiple books!
    • qlvl of other items dropped by hoarders is increased by 3
  • disable casting lvl 0 spells.
  • show map's qlvl in top right corner - map qlvl is used for generating items from chests/racks.
  • reset hotkeys on respec.
  • reset hotkey if a spell reaches lvl 0.
  • add showing qlvl to set/unique items while holding shift.
  • explanation to item generation qlvl formula:
    • the input to the formula is map qlvl for chests/racks or monster qlvl for monsters.
    • min value is (qlvl / 3) - 10; - the division is rounded down.
    • min value is forced to be in 1-25 range.
    • max value is qlvl.
    • max value is forced to be above or equal to 6.
    • the qlvl of the final item is a random value between min and max.
    • an example for lvl 133 monster.
      • min = (133 / 3) - 10 = 44.33 - 10 = 34.33 - rounded down = 34.
      • 34 exceeds the min qlvl range (1-25) so it gets reduced to 25.
      • max qlvl is 133.
      • items can have qlvl in 25-133 range
        That way you can figure out what's the min monster lvl that can drop the unique/set item you want..
  • fix assassin damage bonus (was only on character sheet earlier), now it works properly
  • move map qlvl label from top right corner to top left - after map name
  • move "restart in town" menu option to top of the menu to avoid accidentally pressing "new game"

Tchernobog v0.1.6c

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.6c has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.6 - 0.1.6c

  • Disabled trading - it could cause crashes or even corrupt character!
  • Added keeping all backups of characters - if something goes wrong, you always have a copy!
  • Added displaying a timer on online list - now you know when the list is going to refresh.
  • Added displaying "EMPTY" if the list is empty. Yes, it works, it's just empty.
  • Internal code cleanups - memory leaks.
  • Added displaying "ZeroTier detected " message below IP if ZeroTier IP is available.
  • Critical hotfix for characters getting corrupted in 0.1.6!
  • Floating numbers.
  • Fixed some crashes in rendering.
  • Revived Gargoyles now properly follow the owner.
  • Revived Gargoyles don't flee anymore when injured.
  • Revived Gargoyles do not enter stone form anymore.
  • Revived Gargoyles no longer play "exit stone form" animation when acquiring their first target.
  • Raise Zombie skill description updated.
  • Raise Skeleton skill description updated.
  • Revive skill description updated.
  • Added an option to turn floating numbers on/off (off by default).

Tchernobog v0.1.5f

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.5f has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.5a - 0.1.5f

  • Can't join your own games anymore.
  • Added missing tier/class description to "Warrior's weapon" recipe
  • New boss modifier - "Hoarder" - randomly chooses 1 out of 4 loot types for his loot - rings/books/weapons/armors. If books are chosen, he has increased chance to drop recipes.
  • New boss modifier - "Sage" - killing it grants all players bonus 50% experience for 5 minutes (Experience shrine effect)
  • New boss modifier - "Highborn" - increased level by 20%
  • "Greedy" monsters will have a green halo
  • "Sage" monsters will have a light-blue halo
  • "Hoarder" monsters will have an orange halo
  • "Highborn" monsters will have a yellow halo
  • Added new unique monsters - be the first one to find them!
  • Greedy affix works as behemoth + mastery combined in terms of monster power (Be afraid!)
  • Dead revived were sometimes highlighted in green - fixed
  • Summoned minions have different leash distances depending on dungeon type
  • Item outline color matches the label color
  • Outline colors have been made less transparent
  • Option to disable highlighting outlines of all items while seeing all labels (holding alt or pressed ctrl)
  • Added missing tier/class description to Harbinger's Ring recipe.
  • Disabled exe optimizations - this increases exe size to ~5mb and it might run a bit slower than before - optimizations will be turned on again when known crashes get fixed
  • Added option to disable highlighting corpses for necromancer
  • Highlighting corpses and minions settings aren't saved in the character like other settings. They always reset to true after game restart. Anything else would result in corrupting existing characters.
  • Almost fully fixed revived scavengers attacking empty tile (still needs some work)
  • Minions that belong to other players are also displayed ignoring line of sight.
  • Players can see games from all versions on online list. However you can only connect to the same version as yours.
  • Inactive games are marked with "*" from the left side. Games with a version that doesn't match with yours will be marked with "*" from the right side.
  • Examples:
    • *<IP> = inactive game
    • *<IP>* - inactive game that didn't match your version
    • <IP>* - an active game that doesn't match your version
    • <IP> - an active game that matches your version
  • Fixing online list in game after changing Tchernobog's ZeroTier network.
  • Some crashes will generate CRITICAL_ERROR_CONTACT_QNDEL.txt file. You know what to do with it.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pasting pictures/other weird data into chat
  • Bigger crash logs (200~mb), please compress with zip or winrar and upload to some website (For example: https://uploadfiles.io/) and send to Qndel!
  • Drawing living monsters is prioritized over drawing dead monsters (Should fix invisible monsters)
  • Unfreeze on death
  • Insanity gets removed on death
  • Unfreeze on changing levels
  • Improving crash logs
  • Fixed showing uptime on online list
  • Games considered inactive will be marked with "*" on the list (happens if a game doesn't answer in 30 seconds)
  • Hopefully fixed a random crash while joining games
  • Additional recipe info should be displayed on recipes too, not only in crafting menu.

Tchernobog v0.1.5

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.5 has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.4 - 0.1.5

  • 32bit/Windows XP support
  • Online game list - shows active games in ZeroTier Tchernobog network.
  • Generating crash logs - Whenever the game crashes, TCHERNOBOGCRASHLOG-(version name).dmp file will be created in tchernobog folder. Send it to Qndel!
  • Monster level was showing wrong values before - fixed
  • Reduced monster hp gain in multiplayer from 200% per player to 120% - this wasn't working - fixed
  • Fixed crash with necromancers leaving the game
  • Fixed a bug with golem highlighting corpses
  • Minions are always visible (ignoring line of sight)
  • Fixed a bug with lowering monster levels for 1 player
  • Renamed espandon to espadon (Apparently espandon is an item in diablo 2, but the real life sword was called espadon, so I'll go with that)
  • Fixed long swords and claymores upgrading into wrong item types (As a side effect of this fix, all existing espadons will turn into battle swords and battle swords into espadons)
  • Fixed blocking arrows and spells (Didn't block any damage before)
  • Fixed displaying incorrect magic find values on player list before a player loaded in game
  • Shortened class names in player list to prevent mute/hostile buttons from covering magic find
  • Added tier and recommended class to recipe names
  • Added 5 new recipes - qlvls 86,88,90,92,94.
  • Number of players increases monster levels (and therefore the max qlvl of items they can drop) - every additional player increases the level by 5%.
  • Fix for cutscenes freezing the game - if you are one of the few people that get that bug, ask the host to turn the movies off.
  • Trang-Oul set renamed to Trag'Oul
  • Corpse explosion removes corpses
  • Whenever necromancer equips a skill that uses corpses, corpses on screen will get highlighted
  • Only highlights corpses that your current skill can use
  • Highlighting friendly minions
  • Trag'Oul's helm now gives hit points instead of mana
  • Reduced monster hp gain in multiplayer from 200% per player to 120%
  • Increased bonus items in multiplayer from 0.1 per player to 0.33 per player
  • Ability to turn highlighting minions on or off in the settings
  • Raise Zombie changed:
    • Spell base duration increased to 75 seconds (it was 60)
    • Zombies max quantity raised to 15 [as it was in Belzebub]
    • Zombies gain extra damage via character's strength
    • Zombies gain extra to hit via character's dexterity
    • Zombies gain extra armor class via character's dexterity
  • Revive skill design changed:
    • Revived max quantity raised to 15 [as it was in Belzebub]
    • Revived gain extra damage bonus via character's strength
    • Revived gain extra to hit bonus via character's dexterity
    • Revived are now full minions and follow you through the levels
    • Revived Normal monsters are revived permanently
    • Revived Champion monsters remain timed
    • Revived Champion monsters duration is affected by both character level and character's vitality
    • Revived target scan redesigned so that they won't wander the whole level in search of target but rather stay with you.
  • Raise Skeleton changed:
    • Skeletons max quantity raised to 15 [as it was in Belzebub]
    • Skeletons now gain extra min-max damage via character's strength
    • Skeletons now gain extra Armor Class and To Hit via character's dexterity
    • Necromancer Zombies, Skeletons and Revived will no longer teleport to you when you cast phasing and teleport. They will, however, warp to you when they are too far.
    • Revived monsters gain resistance penetration - 1 resistance per 10 magic.
  • Added the ability to change displayed names/colors to loot filters
  • Minor fix for hidden shrine
  • Moved loot filter files to /lootFilter folder
  • Added 1 second cooldown between LUA messages to prevent spamming and locking the game
  • Renamed rejuvanation -> rejuvenation
  • lootFilter.lua - ability to decide which loot gets shown - press V to disable loot filter, press V again to enable it.
  • Loot filter is enabled by default but contains 0 filters. Info how to add custom filters and enable the default ones is available in lootFilter.lua
  • Fixed wrong lightning resist shrine description
  • Fixed MF on player list - it only displays MF of the players on the same level
  • Fixed lightning enchanted monsters spawning charged bolts in 8 directions but player seeing only south wave.
  • Added displaying monster level above health bar - it indicates the max possible loot qlvl.
  • To check qlvl of items, check https://mod.diablo.noktis.pl and unique/set items (There might be slight differences between the website and Tchernobog)
  • OR use Technoborg bot on discord - his data is always up to date.
  • New Boss modifier - greedy - monster drops additional 3 items and all items are dropped with magic find increased by 1000.
  • It also increases monster's armor and health like behemoth modifier.
  • Tweaked minimap zooming in/out (+/- on numeric keypad, use arrows to move it) - The map can be made smaller than before.
  • Hidden shrine fixed (Used to increase current durability of all items - now it increases max durability of all items by 5 while decreasing max durability of a random item by 5)

Tchernobog v0.1.3d

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.3d has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.3b - 0.1.3d

  • Disabled gold drop on death
  • Lost treasure chests can only be opened after 5 min in game.
  • Magic find is shown on player list.
  • Aldur's Rythm -> Aldur's Rhythm.
  • Fixed Aldur's set transformation's attack speed. (Goatman's attack speed was much slower than player's).
  • Aldur's set attack speed with bow is a bit faster than rogue's (fastest bow attacker) and with mace is a little bit faster than barbarian's (fastest club attacker)
  • Internal code cleanups.
  • Renamed: Archanid Mesh -> Arachnid Mesh, Vizierei Wisdom -> Vizjerei Wisdom, Greyscull set -> Greyskull, "addonational" -> "additional" in experience shrine.
  • Elemental damage on melee/ranged weapons can now crit.
  • DPS on character sheet now shows correct values. (Thanks to adding crit to elemental damage).
  • Raise Zombie's base life span increased from 16 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Zombies now follow you through rooms and levels.
  • A way to list active tchernobog games on discord (See #zerotier-network on discord) https://discord.gg/82BaSAP
  • Upgraded discord online list (Shows number of players in game / difficulty / player name / class / level).

Tchernobog v0.1.3

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.3 has been released and added to the download section. You can also join the discord server https://discord.gg/82BaSAP

Tchernobog version 0.1.2b to 0.1.3

  • Displaying min/max values next to set/unique item stats while holding shift. Max values are colored green and min values red. If stat is equal to maximum value, the whole line will be colored green, if minimum, red.
  • Fixed staff of heal other/telekinesis not losing charges.
  • Fixed a typo in main menu
  • Blazing/volcanic/sparking/charged/freezing/glacial/brilliant/radiant recipes fixed.
  • Character sheet displaying individual Magic Find in town and total in dungeon

Tchernobog v0.1.2b

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0. 1.2a has been released and added to the download section. I also like to announce that Qndel and Ogodei has joined the team. See the release notes below

Tchernobog version 0.1.1 to 0.1.2b

  • Fixed one of probably many poisoned water supply errors
  • Fixed Pepin crashing the game when opening the shop window
  • Fixed magic find.
    This is a chart that shows how it increases chance to obtain unique/set/rare/magic items. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UTDA_ynwVyeNZyHJBPhviucI7JDbP6Ix6kGeF0Aw6yQ/edit#gid=34252121
    Magic find has 50% chance to trigger when an item drops.
    This is how group magic find is calculated:
    - Magic find has 50% chance to trigger when an item drops.
    - This is how group magic find is calculated:
    - Magic find of players on the dungeon level where the item dropped gets sorted in descending order.
    - Total MF value starts with being 0.
    - Highest magic find gets added to it, then second highest/2, third highest/3 and so on.
    - This prevents people from getting absurdly high MF values while being in a group while still being a gain
    during playing with other people.
  • Fixed barbarians whrilwind attack interval
  • Reduced amount of hit points boss monsters gain each difficulty level
  • Rogue's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • Warrior's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • Assassin's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • Rogue's bow attack damage calculation has been restored to pre 0.1.0 version
  • Internal changes

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