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Tchernobog v0.2.2

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.2 has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog 0.2.2

  • Scrolls get +100% spellpower bonus, staff spells get +50%.
  • Preserve summon stats between levels (now having some summoning gear on swap could be useful - spellpower etc.) - it also means summons don't heal while changing levels.
  • Golem resist cap increases to 80 at spell lvl 20 and 85 at 25.
  • Cap monster physical resist at 95%.
  • Fix golem idle animation (after teleporting or changing level) - will stay a bit longer on player after teleporting as a side effect.
  • Make scrolls have 5 charges.
  • Add scroll type to belt item type selector.
  • Crafting materials max stack size has been increased from 100 to 999 (can't go higher because number wouldn't fit on the item square).
  • Warrior's repair skill and Sorcerer's recharge staff are on cooldown when you start/join the game.
  • Allow sorcerer to recharge scrolls with his skill (up to clvl / 5 charges - 15 charges at lvl 60).
  • Add a chance to warrior's repair skill to increase max durability - clvl * 2% chance for increase by 1 (2 at level 60).
  • Add Demonic Essence material as a VERY rare drop to quest monsters (and even more rare drop to regular bosses/champions) - allows rerolling stats/spells of rare/unique/set/crafted items.
  • Add respec potion as a VERY rare drop to quest monsters (and even more rare drop to regular bosses/champions).
  • Idea by Miacis - Add Oil of Binding as a RARE drop to quest monsters (bigger chance) and regular monsters - allows merging stats from rare rings/amulets into rare items that have an empty prefix/suffix slot - ONCE per item (max are 4 prefixes & 4 suffixes, you can check which one is which by pressing shift - prefixes will have P and suffixes S).
  • Show merged stats on rare items (to see separate affixes hold shift).
  • Add showing multiplier to "half freeze duration" affix (X1 default, if you have 2 = X2 - it keeps halving the freeze time - X1 = 50%, X2 = 25% etc.) - stacking half trap damage affix is pointless (that's why no multiplier shown)! It only works once.
  • Only magicfind of alive players counts towards loot.
  • Fix crash after leaving the game while interacting with something (waypoint/stash etc.).
  • Limit max range from which you can interact with objects to 2 tiles (Earlier you could open shared stash from anywhere if someone was standing in front of it - 2 tiles to still allow interacting with shared stash if another person is standing in front of it).

Tchernobog 0.2.1h

  • Fixed spiritual shrine corrupting inventory.
  • Stop interacting with stash till it gets fully loaded.
  • If potion type for a belt column is set, pressing a number for a column that is empty will use potions from other nonempty columns with the same type.

Tchernobog 0.2.1g

  • Fixed Artisan sometimes dropping materials that couldn't be picked up.
  • Fixed message box not being centered after changing resolution.
  • Fixed on hit/on attack spell cast affixes being inactive in a game till an item got reequipped or player died.
  • Fix penetration above 128.
  • Fix cold and fire debuffs (from monsters) lowering wrong resistances.
  • Add showing unique/set/recipe drops on chat.
  • Add timestamp to chat messages.
  • Spiritual shrine now adds its gold in 1 pile instead of cluttering all free slots.
  • Changed base ring of "Farnham's" and "dream" rings to be close to their qlvl - means they should drop more often than before.
  • Tweaked generating uniques - algorithm should be more consistent.
  • Tweaked generating sets - algorithm should be more consistent.
  • Added /chance command that shows droprate for set items / uniques and info about their qlvl / their base item's qlvl / set elements.
  • Negative HP regeneration can't drain HP below 1 in town.
  • Reset unique items tracker between games.
  • Reset set items tracker between games.
  • Add elements to names of "Farnham's" unique rings.
  • /clear command - clears chat.
  • /clearall command - clears chat AND chatlog.
  • Greedy magicfind bonus changed from 1000 to 666.
  • Magicfind now works 100% of the time.

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