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Tchernobog v0.2.1f

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.1f has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog 0.2.1f

  • Fix displaying penetrations above 100%.
  • Fix crash in sorcerer's cooldown reduction.
  • Reduced number of alchemist boxes from Artisan from lvl/10 to lvl/17.

Tchernobog 0.2.1e

  • Fixed a crash when trying to reassign a hotkey on a spell granted by item after leveling up.
  • Sorcerer gains 0.25s skills cooldown reduction per kill.
  • Etherealize triples sorcerer's cooldown reduction while active.
  • Raised penetration cap from 100 to 150 (elemental/physical).
  • New boss type - Artisan.
  • Buffed Highborn boss - monster level 120% -> 125%.
  • Hoarder boss drops 1 extra item.
  • Display dmg needed to stun monster in advanced monster stats.

Tchernobog 0.2.1d

  • Fix homing missile pathing (bone spirit) when an enemy is fully surrounded by summons (necromancer).
  • Disabled removing potions with incomplete charges (not 5/5) from trading stash.
  • Spellblade's Break Protection hits max stacks instantly if cast unarmed and no stacks of it are active.
  • Enchanted Blade's element always matches the one from Element Conversion (if active) while in town.

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