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Diablo 1 HD MOD beta patch v1.031

Diablo 1 HD MOD version beta 1.031

  • Grimspike's inferno does not knockback player anymore
  • Rogue trap disarm will not open locked or broken doors
  • Specific quest rewards will not disapear when player leaves current game
  • Fixed Lost Treasure quest completion issues

Patch available in download section.

Open Beta

Works on modification have been temporarily stopped. Therefore we decided to share full beta version. While modification is still incomplete, single player version is playable at satisfying level. More informaton about what is available can be found in "Features" section. Beta version can be downloaded from here.

New website for Diablo 1 HD MOD

We have decided to create a new website for Diablo 1 HD modification. Site is available in english language however support for other languages is planned. Most sections available from site menu are still under construction. Content will be added periodically.

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