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Patch 1.045

Patch v1.045 is available in download section.

  • Fixed bug with The Dark Lord AI that would make it lose target too easiely
  • Fixed bug with The Dark Lord AI that allowed it to cast through walls
  • Fixed bug with The Dark Lord apocalypse attack that caused it to damage one target multiple times
  • Fixed bug with The Dark Lord apocalypse attack that caused it to only affect single target
  • Slightly reduced The Dark Lord's damage
  • Reduced boss monster damage bonus against summoned creatures
  • Fixed name of Resurrect spell
  • Maelstrom monster is now named Maelstorm just like in original Diablo 1
  • Necromancer spell Corpse Explosion will not damage player and minions anymore
  • Added 1 second cooldown to Firewall, Lightning Wall and Raise Skeleton spells to reduce effectiveness of spam tactics

Patch 1.044b

Patch v1.044b is available in download section.

Attention! Backup all of your characters before using them with this version!

Patch 1.044

Patch v1.044 is available in download section.

Attention! Backup all of your characters before using them with this version!


  • Fixed bug with certain items and stash interactions
  • Fixed bug with item split operations in non backpack inventories
  • Fixed bug that occured when staff with increased charges was recrafted
  • Fixed typo in elixirs effect description
  • Reverted Lightning and Chain Lightning spells changes
  • Removed Ogden's test speech

Patch 1.043

Patch v1.043 is available in download section.


  • Fixed bug with some traps which were unable to hit player
  • Fixed bug that prevented Arcane Orb to display its tooltip
  • Fixed bug that occured on catacombs levels that could generate levels with impassable areas
  • Fixed bug with Barbarian's Inner Fire skill not giving bonus to fire penetration
  • Fixed tooltip of Barbarian's Inner Fire skill
  • Completing quest will not close Infested cellar anymore
  • Fixed bug in Firewall and Lightningwall spells formulas

Version beta 1.042

New version beta 1.042 is available in download section.


  • Improved graphical effects of light radius on levels
  • Improved light radius calculations
  • Light radius stat value is now displayed properly in character panel
  • Fixed bug with "All resistance equals 0%" item attribute
  • Fixed bug related with unique item attribute calculation
  • Fixed bug that spawned Anvil of fury next to Griswold's shop after completing The Magic Rock quest
  • Fixed attribute attribute bonus of staff from Rathma's set
  • Fixed name of Lightning demon "Mealstorm" to "Maelstrom". No more free food
  • Fixed typo in Lightning resistance shrine description
  • Fixed typo in Gillian npc description
  • Slightly adjusted attributes of some regular monsters

Version beta 1.041

New version beta 1.041 is available in download section.


  • Added experimental support to integrated graphic cards. Requires openGL 1.5 capable driver
  • Enabled all possible resolutions for testing purposes
  • When monster is put in hit recovery during walking it will be pulled back to previous tile if it's free
  • Fixed scroll and staff spells causing problems
  • Fixed some general spelling errors
  • Fixed bug that stopped game when playing ending movies with no movie option selected

Version beta 1.04 was removed

We have decided to remove version 1.04 from download section. It turned out that recent game libraries upgrades caused game to malfuction on many computers. Please don't share version 1.04 if you already downloaded it. We strongly advaise you tu use more stable version 1.033.

Version 1.04 - problems

Version 1.04 - Upgrade of SDL library used by mod caused compability problems on some computers. Currently this version will not be supported, please don't report any bugs or suggestions regarding it. Play at your own risk.

Diablo 1 HD MOD v1.04 (new class - Necromancer)

New version is available in download section.

version beta 1.04

  • Added Necromancer class with five new skills
  • Added new 48 crafting recipes for Necromancer and Assassin
  • Added two new sets with 4 items each
  • Apocalypse spell can hit immune monsters again (reverted from 1.033 version)
  • Apocalypse spell cost increases quicker with spell levels
  • Character will not attack with melee or bow if spell is on cooldown
  • Mage type monsters can now be hit slightly longer during phase in/out action
  • Items are now visible regardless of line of sight
  • Changed Damage goes to mana attribute description to "% Damage absorbed by mana"
    _ Sunless sea boss should be smarter on higher difficulty levels
  • Music now plays in River of Flame
  • Stone Curse spell now reduces damage taken by target: 75%
  • The Dark Lord now sees invisible characters
  • Drop of unique and set item randomization has been improved
  • Music should now fade in/out on zone changes
  • Auto attack follow procedure now stops on first character's melee attack
  • Enabled gold droping on character's death
  • Increased Benedict The Black's damage
  • Increased repulse damage from enchanced lightning affix
  • Increased monster inferno damage
  • Reduced Bloodlord The Destroyer's damage
  • Reduced The Dark Lord's damage
  • Reduced Apocalypse spell damage
  • Reduced Lightning and Chain Lightning bolt duration
  • Fixed bug preventing music from playing if application lost then quickly gained focus
  • Fixed stash close/open issues
  • Fixed rendering of some large objects
  • Fixed resolution change related crash on some systems
  • Fixed exit to Island of sunless sea level being unavaiable bug
  • Fixed secret tunnel sand trap related bugs
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent lost treasure encounter from progressing
  • Fixed format of monster immune line in monster extended information
  • Fixed Golem spell benefits description
  • Fixed some Unique item names to be gramatically correct
  • Fixed spelling of "Ability" in skill book
  • Fixed slain hero stance when quest is complete, it will behave like regular decapitated body
  • Fixed slain townsman speaking when dead
  • Fixed error in character select menu that could crash game
  • Fixed death in town animation being slow

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