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Tchernobog v0.2.2b

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.2b has been released and added to the download section.

Important! You need to convert saves with tchernobog0.2.2atob-itemtransferonly.exe (inside release pack), before being able to play this version! Unique and set items have changed and this version can't load previous saves directly! They need to be converted! Read guide below! Remember that loading any character also loads shared stash.

  • Make backups of all your characters and stash.
  • Delete stash.
  • Launch tchernobog0.2.2atob-itemtransferonly.exe.
  • Load all your characters one by one then go back to character selection menu.
  • Put shared stash file into save folder, create a new character, enter game, wait till shared stash loads, relocate one item in it (to guarantee it will resave), exit game, delete new character.
  • Your stash and characters should be usable in 0.2.2b now.
  • Dont load them again in tchernobog0.2.2atob-itemtransferonly.exe! conversion is doable only once, trying to do it again will ruin chars/stash or crash.
  • If you did something wrong, you will probably crash - if you crash, restore your backups and try to convert again from start.
Diablo crafting, prefix/suffix

Tchernobog 0.2.2b

  • Rework displaying %dmg & %chance to hit affixes - they will still show total stats split into 2 (%dmg and %cth separately) but will show each individual affix accurately (and its stat range) while holding shift.
  • Fix not showing prefix/suffix number on %dmg/%cth/%dmg&%cth affixes (was impossible before).
  • New crafting recipe - corrupt perfect unique/set items - can drop on hell+ difficulty (recipe qlvl 66).
  • 50% chance to add an affix that does nothing (but doesn't allow trying to corrupt that item again). Can double one of existing affixes or add Ignore Target Defense / +3 spells affix.
  • Recolor "Tancred's Weird" - was very hard to see in inventory before.
  • Add grouping of same stats to set items if shift not held.

Tchernobog 0.2.2a

  • Fixed cinematics being cut off or not displaying on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed a very rare bug where the game would get stuck on loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug where rare items would ignore the first suitable affix if more than one was within qlvl range.
  • Fixed fire/lightning wall having double dmg on central element.
  • Fixed demonic essence turning into gold if transferred to anvil/stash/whatever using ctrl + click.
  • Fixed rerolling set/unique affix "armor class: x" with demonic essence.
  • Fixed removing respec potion after use.
  • Fixed 1 more room in lost treasure tunnel filling with snakes.
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt items with preset spells while rerolling their stats.
  • Change number of elemental walls segments from 7 to 5 + 2 per 10 spell lvls.
  • Add a new recipe for removing affixes (like before, enter and leave a game to get it to appear), using varying numbers of Azure Oil (1-4) controls which affix will be removed (first/last/prefix/suffix).
  • Spells cast from a staff have cooldown reduced by half.
  • Spells cast from a scroll have no cooldown.
  • Stop opening the split quantity window if there's only 1 item.
  • Show inactive set stats - color grey (affixes that need more set pieces than you are currently wearing) and number of pieces required to activate them.
  • Display partial and full set stats while holding shift.
  • Added info to spellbook about Apocalypse and Blizzard spells scaling with magic.
  • Added showing stats missing till perfect set/unique item roll (shown under name if shift held).

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