Diablo 1 Mod

Diablo mod


Version beta 1.042

New version beta 1.042 is available in download section.


  • Improved graphical effects of light radius on levels
  • Improved light radius calculations
  • Light radius stat value is now displayed properly in character panel
  • Fixed bug with "All resistance equals 0%" item attribute
  • Fixed bug related with unique item attribute calculation
  • Fixed bug that spawned Anvil of fury next to Griswold's shop after completing The Magic Rock quest
  • Fixed attribute attribute bonus of staff from Rathma's set
  • Fixed name of Lightning demon "Mealstorm" to "Maelstrom". No more free food
  • Fixed typo in Lightning resistance shrine description
  • Fixed typo in Gillian npc description
  • Slightly adjusted attributes of some regular monsters

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