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Tchernobog v0.2.0f

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.2.0f has been released and added to the download section.

#Tchernobog 0.2.0f

  • All summons should display their stats accurately now - armor / level / resists
  • Golem updated stats formulas:
    • resists: 20 + spell level * 5 - caps at 75 (80 if spell level 15+)
    • armor: 50 + spell level * 10 + difficulty bonus
      • bonuses from difficulty:
      • nightmare: 90
      • hell: 160
      • torment: 300
    • golem level previously was always set to 1, now it's equal to caster's. Which means golem should get hit less and hit more often!
  • Decoy inherits player's resistances
  • Made spellpower boost golem / and necro zombies/skeletons - who knows, maybe some max mana max spellpower golem build is torment viable now :)
  • Spellpower boost for zombies/skeletons doesn't include bonuses from stats (with vit bonus to hp being an exception - it does benefit from spellpower)
  • Updated golem spell description - it doesn't benefit from magic, but from mana
  • Added description for warrior's forge mastery skill
  • Increase timeout duration (from 5 to 20 seconds) - hopefully this will prevent being dropped because of having a lot of items in stash
  • Adjusted assassin's magic casting speed to match fire and lightning spells (casting will be slower)
  • Fixed a bug where you had to restart game after respec for spellbooks magic requirements to be recalculated properly
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
    • Frality -> Frailty
    • Enchanted shrine: loosing -> losing
    • Help panel: When and item -> When an item
    • Unique: Eaglerhorn -> Eaglehorn, Goreshowel -> Goreshovel
    • Skills: Etheralize -> Etherealize
  • Display info about X hotkey for level 1 characters
  • Fixed a bug where scavengers awarded no xp if killed while they were eating a corpse
  • Items with durability decreased by hidden shrine can't have current durability greater than max anymore
  • Increased max shop sell item price - 25k base + 25k per difficulty
  • Added /roll command for rolling a 0-99 number
  • Allowed going to previous screen with ESC during character name selection or multiplayer IP screen

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