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Tchernobog v0.1.6g

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.6g has been released and added to the download section.

#Tchernobog 0.1.6d - 0.1.6g

  • MOVED SAVES FROM C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Diablo 1 Tchernobog TO GAME FOLDER!
  • Fixed the "ZeroTier detected" message - now it should only appear when it detects ZeroTier, not ALWAYS like before.
  • Added support for "patch_rt.mpq" - you can add japanese voice pack or other memes.
  • Animated mana/heath orbs - settings for them in config.txt
    Orb animation created by https://www.instagram.com/nikolaypopovz/
  • Updated game libraries to the latest version.
  • Added a timestamp to crash memory dumps.
  • Allowed accessing player level/character class and info if item is identified or not to loot filters (replace your lootFilter/global.lua with new one).
  • Added "/respec" command - YES! Stat respec! But it's not free, resets ALL spells to level 0 too.
  • Assassin's damage bonus for having one hand free increases from 25% to 125%.
  • Golem doesn't open doors anymore.
  • Fully restore hp/mana after restarting in town.
  • Buffed hoarder's loot a bit
    • if books are the loot (25% chance), then there's 10% chance to drop a recipe instead of a book - applies to multiple books!
    • qlvl of other items dropped by hoarders is increased by 3
  • disable casting lvl 0 spells.
  • show map's qlvl in top right corner - map qlvl is used for generating items from chests/racks.
  • reset hotkeys on respec.
  • reset hotkey if a spell reaches lvl 0.
  • add showing qlvl to set/unique items while holding shift.
  • explanation to item generation qlvl formula:
    • the input to the formula is map qlvl for chests/racks or monster qlvl for monsters.
    • min value is (qlvl / 3) - 10; - the division is rounded down.
    • min value is forced to be in 1-25 range.
    • max value is qlvl.
    • max value is forced to be above or equal to 6.
    • the qlvl of the final item is a random value between min and max.
    • an example for lvl 133 monster.
      • min = (133 / 3) - 10 = 44.33 - 10 = 34.33 - rounded down = 34.
      • 34 exceeds the min qlvl range (1-25) so it gets reduced to 25.
      • max qlvl is 133.
      • items can have qlvl in 25-133 range
        That way you can figure out what's the min monster lvl that can drop the unique/set item you want..
  • fix assassin damage bonus (was only on character sheet earlier), now it works properly
  • move map qlvl label from top right corner to top left - after map name
  • move "restart in town" menu option to top of the menu to avoid accidentally pressing "new game"

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