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Tchernobog v0.1.5f

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.5f has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.5a - 0.1.5f

  • Can't join your own games anymore.
  • Added missing tier/class description to "Warrior's weapon" recipe
  • New boss modifier - "Hoarder" - randomly chooses 1 out of 4 loot types for his loot - rings/books/weapons/armors. If books are chosen, he has increased chance to drop recipes.
  • New boss modifier - "Sage" - killing it grants all players bonus 50% experience for 5 minutes (Experience shrine effect)
  • New boss modifier - "Highborn" - increased level by 20%
  • "Greedy" monsters will have a green halo
  • "Sage" monsters will have a light-blue halo
  • "Hoarder" monsters will have an orange halo
  • "Highborn" monsters will have a yellow halo
  • Added new unique monsters - be the first one to find them!
  • Greedy affix works as behemoth + mastery combined in terms of monster power (Be afraid!)
  • Dead revived were sometimes highlighted in green - fixed
  • Summoned minions have different leash distances depending on dungeon type
  • Item outline color matches the label color
  • Outline colors have been made less transparent
  • Option to disable highlighting outlines of all items while seeing all labels (holding alt or pressed ctrl)
  • Added missing tier/class description to Harbinger's Ring recipe.
  • Disabled exe optimizations - this increases exe size to ~5mb and it might run a bit slower than before - optimizations will be turned on again when known crashes get fixed
  • Added option to disable highlighting corpses for necromancer
  • Highlighting corpses and minions settings aren't saved in the character like other settings. They always reset to true after game restart. Anything else would result in corrupting existing characters.
  • Almost fully fixed revived scavengers attacking empty tile (still needs some work)
  • Minions that belong to other players are also displayed ignoring line of sight.
  • Players can see games from all versions on online list. However you can only connect to the same version as yours.
  • Inactive games are marked with "*" from the left side. Games with a version that doesn't match with yours will be marked with "*" from the right side.
  • Examples:
    • *<IP> = inactive game
    • *<IP>* - inactive game that didn't match your version
    • <IP>* - an active game that doesn't match your version
    • <IP> - an active game that matches your version
  • Fixing online list in game after changing Tchernobog's ZeroTier network.
  • Some crashes will generate CRITICAL_ERROR_CONTACT_QNDEL.txt file. You know what to do with it.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pasting pictures/other weird data into chat
  • Bigger crash logs (200~mb), please compress with zip or winrar and upload to some website (For example: https://uploadfiles.io/) and send to Qndel!
  • Drawing living monsters is prioritized over drawing dead monsters (Should fix invisible monsters)
  • Unfreeze on death
  • Insanity gets removed on death
  • Unfreeze on changing levels
  • Improving crash logs
  • Fixed showing uptime on online list
  • Games considered inactive will be marked with "*" on the list (happens if a game doesn't answer in 30 seconds)
  • Hopefully fixed a random crash while joining games
  • Additional recipe info should be displayed on recipes too, not only in crafting menu.

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