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Tchernobog v0.1.3d

New version of the Tchernobog mod v0.1.3d has been released and added to the download section.

Tchernobog version 0.1.3b - 0.1.3d

  • Disabled gold drop on death
  • Lost treasure chests can only be opened after 5 min in game.
  • Magic find is shown on player list.
  • Aldur's Rythm -> Aldur's Rhythm.
  • Fixed Aldur's set transformation's attack speed. (Goatman's attack speed was much slower than player's).
  • Aldur's set attack speed with bow is a bit faster than rogue's (fastest bow attacker) and with mace is a little bit faster than barbarian's (fastest club attacker)
  • Internal code cleanups.
  • Renamed: Archanid Mesh -> Arachnid Mesh, Vizierei Wisdom -> Vizjerei Wisdom, Greyscull set -> Greyskull, "addonational" -> "additional" in experience shrine.
  • Elemental damage on melee/ranged weapons can now crit.
  • DPS on character sheet now shows correct values. (Thanks to adding crit to elemental damage).
  • Raise Zombie's base life span increased from 16 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Zombies now follow you through rooms and levels.
  • A way to list active tchernobog games on discord (See #zerotier-network on discord) https://discord.gg/82BaSAP
  • Upgraded discord online list (Shows number of players in game / difficulty / player name / class / level).

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