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Diablo 1 HD MOD v1.04 (new class - Necromancer)

New version is available in download section.

version beta 1.04

  • Added Necromancer class with five new skills
  • Added new 48 crafting recipes for Necromancer and Assassin
  • Added two new sets with 4 items each
  • Apocalypse spell can hit immune monsters again (reverted from 1.033 version)
  • Apocalypse spell cost increases quicker with spell levels
  • Character will not attack with melee or bow if spell is on cooldown
  • Mage type monsters can now be hit slightly longer during phase in/out action
  • Items are now visible regardless of line of sight
  • Changed Damage goes to mana attribute description to "% Damage absorbed by mana"
    _ Sunless sea boss should be smarter on higher difficulty levels
  • Music now plays in River of Flame
  • Stone Curse spell now reduces damage taken by target: 75%
  • The Dark Lord now sees invisible characters
  • Drop of unique and set item randomization has been improved
  • Music should now fade in/out on zone changes
  • Auto attack follow procedure now stops on first character's melee attack
  • Enabled gold droping on character's death
  • Increased Benedict The Black's damage
  • Increased repulse damage from enchanced lightning affix
  • Increased monster inferno damage
  • Reduced Bloodlord The Destroyer's damage
  • Reduced The Dark Lord's damage
  • Reduced Apocalypse spell damage
  • Reduced Lightning and Chain Lightning bolt duration
  • Fixed bug preventing music from playing if application lost then quickly gained focus
  • Fixed stash close/open issues
  • Fixed rendering of some large objects
  • Fixed resolution change related crash on some systems
  • Fixed exit to Island of sunless sea level being unavaiable bug
  • Fixed secret tunnel sand trap related bugs
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent lost treasure encounter from progressing
  • Fixed format of monster immune line in monster extended information
  • Fixed Golem spell benefits description
  • Fixed some Unique item names to be gramatically correct
  • Fixed spelling of "Ability" in skill book
  • Fixed slain hero stance when quest is complete, it will behave like regular decapitated body
  • Fixed slain townsman speaking when dead
  • Fixed error in character select menu that could crash game
  • Fixed death in town animation being slow

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