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Diablo 1 HD MOD update vb1.033

version beta 1.033

  • Added option to enable extended monster information
  • Increased effectiveness of hit recovery stat
  • Increased Warrior's and Barbarian's hit recovery resistance
  • Hit recovery now also reduces chance to be knockedback
  • Fixed infravision spell not reseting between games
  • Characters should properly unqueue next offensive action when put into hit recovery stance
  • Stackable positive and negative effects (frenzy, fanaticism) will display number of stacks
  • Reduced price of recipes
  • Bows can roll all damage and hit chance prefixes
  • Increased Rogue ranged damage gained from dexterity
  • Increased Assassin melee damage gained from dexterity and strength
  • Golem will now follow player throught stairs and portals
  • Golem has been rebalanced and scale with difficulty level
  • Golem stays closer to it's master and teleports together
  • Added remove minion skill to every character
  • Possibly fixed Eldtritch Shrine crash
  • Fixed glitch related to crafted item durability
  • Increased Bloodlord the Destroyer boss teleport cooldown from 9 to 15 seconds
  • Removed Bloodlord the Destroyer initial teleport damage spike
  • Increased Fallen Hero's healing cooldown and reduced healing effectiveness.
  • Doomlock doesn't have guaranteed affixes anymore
  • Apocalypse doesn't damage neutral monsters anymore
  • Stone curse now works against unique monsters with exception of super uniques bosses.
  • Reduced Stone curse mana cost
  • Increased Fire and Lightning wall mana costs
  • Increased Charged Bolt mana cost
  • Reduced Flamewave mana cost
  • Reduced Frozen orb mana cost
  • Reduced Apocalypse mana cost
  • Reduced Sentiel spell cooldown
  •  Reduced Dark pact cooldown

Update available in download section.

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